Formerly known as IL&FS Technologies Ltd.

Installation of Stainless Steel Dustbins at Ganga Ghat, Varanasi

Varanasi is known as the city of Ghats and temples. There are 84 ghats on the bank of holy river Ganga. For cleaning of all 84 ghats National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), TerraCIS Environment and Varanasi Nagar Nigam (VNN) jointly entered into an agreement for a period of 3 years.


The big challenge on ghats was to store the waste generated by devotees and local vendors. To overcome this challenge 70 nos. Stainless Steel dustbins were provided by TerraCIS Technologies Ltd.( Formerly known as IL&FS Technologies Ltd.). through Nalanda Foundation. These bins were installed at various Ganaga Ghats in Varanasi.

Nalanda CSR Skilling Scholarship Scheme

The scheme continues to cater to the low income, relatively educated, unemployed youth. Gender ratio has improved with share of female candidates at 20% (previous year was less than 15%)

Annual HH Income-wise Distribution*

Educational Background of the Candidates*

Sunita Karsh | 12th Pass STP: ISDC

Certificate Programme for F&B service Steward Employed at Hotel Aashirwaad Inn with a salary of Rs 6000/- per month She thanks TerraCIS and Nalanda Foundation for the life changing opportunity provided

Brijender Singh | 10th pass STP: B-ABLE

Trained as a CNC Operator Employed at E. R. Auto Ltd with a salary of Rs 12000/- per month “Will save money to install hand pump at home”

Mahesh Dodamani | 2nd PUC STP: APD

Affected by Polio since birth Certificate course in Care Giving Employed at a NGO with a salary of Rs 7000/- per month He serves for a NGO working for children with multiple disabilities

Kurri Thirupathi | Graduate STP: AIFT

Eye-sight degenerated during graduation Studied a desktop & print publishing Course Employed at ACE Social Foundation as a MIS & mobilization executive with a salary of Rs 8000/- per month Developed good communication skill and enhanced confidence