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A smartly run business is, simply, one that manages its resources smartly. TerraCIS helps organizations maximize their value by implementing agile, mission-specific ERP architectures that align core processes with the larger business vision, keep a close tab on resources, drive strategy powerfully through insights, and be better prepared for change.

TerraCIS offers cloud-based turnkey ERP solutions which include hosting, DC space, end-to-end program management and governance.



India Payroll solution on Dynamics AX

Industry solutions for Financial Services

Industry solution for Dairy Industry

Industry Solution for Healthcare Industry

CIAO AX Support services


TerraCIS’s ERP solution delivers 100% Return-on-investment (ROI) for its customer within the first year of implementation

Dr. Lal path lab wanted to transform the business solution infrastructure and align it with the long-term business goals to maintain 40 percent CAGR for the next five years. TerraCIS implemented MS-Dynamics ERP suite that delivered Integration of heterogeneous solutions enabling end-to-end process automation resulting in operational efficiency and savings.

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