Formerly known as IL&FS Technologies Ltd.

Integrating smart technologies with Infrasructure

With the rapid rate of urbanization and depleting resources, it is essential to integrate technology in our government structure and rethink our infrastructure strategy. The need of the hour is to optimize the capabilities of a Smart City that is pro-active in terms of usage, interaction, and efficiency.

TerraCIS offers an industry-leading portfolio of integrated solutions to make the Smart City concept come alive. Our unified, data-driven smart Infrastructure solutions transform service models and experience for citizens and government agencies.


Smart Urban Governance Framework

Smart Urban Mobility solution

Smart Decision Making Platform

Safe city framework

Integrated Command-Control Center


Award winning Smart Infrastructure solution for urban mobility

TerraCIS designed tailored Smart urban mobility solutions for metro transport infrastructure based on robust architecture, high capacity communication networks and Intelligent Command Control platform that are capable of capturing performance data in real time.

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