Author: Chhavi Jain, Vice President

The Need for Inclusive e-Governance for the Differently-Abled, 27 Aug 2018 in E-GOVERNANCE

Around 15% of the global population, that is roughly 1 billion people worldwide, live with disabilities. Disability in a broader sense, encompasses people with limited mobility, limitations in activity, or… Read More

Citizen Service Delivery Framework: The Future, 27 Aug 2018 in E-GOVERNANCE

Government agencies worldwide are working towards building a digital citizen-centric government; realizing the need for transformation in the delivery of citizen services, to cater to the expectations/needs of the community.… Read More

Data Driven Governance, 24 Jul 2018 in E-GOVERNANCE

The biggest issue in collective data today, when it comes to governance is not the absence of it, but its presence in large disaggregated sets which hinder maximum potential utilization.… Read More